Exploration is the nature of humankind. Are you interested in exploring the boundaries of your coffees? Different coffees roasted the same way? The same coffees roasted differently? A combination of the two? Do you think you can optimize a blend to be perfect if you can establish your own roasting parameters? Do you have no idea what roasting is all about and want to take shots in the dark? Well, here is your chance, no matter which category you belong to.

Benfatto Coffee's state-of-the-art coffee roasting technology gives you a blank canvas, as it allows us the flexibility to modify roasts to parameters of your choosing! Simply select what origins and what blend of each you would like to make up your batch and we will roast it to the specs  YOU determine! Now the customer has total control over the blend, and the roasted profile, without having to invest in roasting equipment!

3 Easy Steps! 

-1 Select a combination of either 25 or 50Lbs from our green coffees below

-2 Select "Custom Roast it!" 

-3 Provide batch size, final roast temperature, and roast time

Proceed to checkout and just like that, you have created your own coffee blend and profile!

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